Realtors: Are you looking to build your business with more listings and referrals? Have you been searching for new ways to set yourself apart from your competition? 
Why not offer Professional Home Staging as an integral part of your listing package? 

EVERY home sells faster, and for a higher price, with the advantage of home staging. My name is Laura Mahon. My husband and I buy, renovate and sell properties. And when we finally put down our tools and the paint has dried...WE STAGE. We would never consider putting an un-staged home on the market. Along with pricing, it is THE most important component to marketing a home. And if you expect top dollar, staging is a necessity. 
Choosing not to stage a home is akin to leaving money on the table. AND an un-staged home almost always spends significantly more time on the market. We all know where that ends up. The dreaded price reduction.

So do yourself, and your client, a favor. Before you list a home, or consider a price reduction, give us a call. 
Our Staging Consultations start at just $200. For more information on staging occupied and vacant listings, along with examples of our work, visit our Staging Page. Added bonus...we also shoot MLS Photos
Free up your schedule with the advantage of one stop shopping. Have questions? Just email me 
via our Contact Page, or give me a ring anytime at: 860.392.8348. Happy selling!